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"Packaging with Ultrasonics"
Special reprint from Kunststoffe international 08/2009


"Packaging with Ultrasonics"


When it comes to reliable, high-speed sealing equipment for packaging applications, Herrmann Ultrasonics provides the complete solution. 

Ultrasonic Packaging Sealing Application And How They Work

Nearly all packaging materials and laminates with a thermoplastic sealing layer or coating are suitable for the use of ultrasonic technology. Strong hermetic seals and peelable seals are possible with the use of Herrmann Ultrasonics sealing systems. Ultrasonic sealing of packaging materials is based on the conversion of high frequency mechanical sound waves in a thermoplastic material into frictional heat creating a molecular bond between two or more sealant layers. The Herrmann ultrasonic sealing system for packaging materials consists of an anvil and an ultrasonic system with an acoustic stack (converter, amplitude coupler and sonotrode). The acoustic stack and anvil apply a clamping force. Ultrasonic vibrations are activated through the acoustic stack creating localized frictional heat.

The ultrasonic process is used in many stand-up and flat-pillow pouches, form-fill seal bags, carton, blister/clamshell, cups/trays and tube type applications. Successful integration of ultrasonic components is available for most horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal machines for longitudinal and cross seal projects. Ultrasonic technology is also used for cutting both food and non-food products. Fast and clean cuts are produced reducing machine down time due to continuous maintenance and cleaning. 

Advantages Of Ultrasonic Packaging Sealing

  • Package sealing with Herrmann Ultrasonics sealing equipment is achieved with very short cycle times, even in the case of complex packaging material designs
  • Ultrasonic technology is characterized by exceptionally low energy requirements
  • Ultrasonic sealing is a clean technology, the tool cleaning requirements are greatly reduced. The acoustic sealing tool remains cool throughout the sealing process
  • Ultrasonics seal through contaminants such as powder, liquids, foamy products or fibers which may occur during the filling processes in both the food and non-food industries
  • Ultrasonic technology is ideal for applications characterized by frequent changes of the packaging materials as well as for mass product packaging
  • The ultrasonic sealing process does not require additives such as adhesives or solvents
  • Ultrasonic sealing often allows for less complex structures and the potential for a reduction of the package thickness

Why Herrmann Ultrasonics Can Deliver The Optimum Packaging Solution

Many patented solutions have been developed in our 50 years of pioneering innovation. One example is the twin converter technology. The combination of two converters driving a single sonotrode results in a compact and lightweight design, providing a uniform sealing amplitude and high power capability. This exclusive solution allows longer seal lengths without a loss of performance. Our patented CSI sonotrode holder offers a rigid design, making it a robust solution for integration and drive systems combined. The modular design of our ultrasonic packaging components guarantees easy integration of ultrasonic sealing systems into a wide range of production equipment.

Herrmann Ultrasonics is recognized as the technology leader in designing, developing and manufacturing ultrasonic welding, bonding and sealing systems for use in a wide variety of industries. To ensure the standard level of quality that is incorporated into every Herrmann Ultrasonics system, all ultrasonic components are designed, developed and manufactured in house at Herrmann Ultrasonics facilities.

In our modern application laboratories we can evaluate your products and demonstrate our capabilities. Please provide us with your requirements inquiery so that we can discuss it with you in greater details.