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ICATT Apprentice, CNC Machining Professional

Job Description

High-tech manufacturing continues to evolve, we have partnered with the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, to help us bridge the skills gap we see within the industry. As our apprentice you will gain hands-on practical manufacturing skills in conjunction with your academic coursework. You will learn to program and operate our CNC machines to produce precision ultrasonic tooling through processes such as milling, turning, drilling or grinding. Not only do we cover the cost of your schooling but we also give compensation for your 'working time' at our facility. Upon completion of the program you will have an Associate's Degree, as well as national and international credential. Your successful completion will award you with a 2-year employement guarantee offer from Herrmann.



  • Family owned business
  • Global technology leader
  • Investment in employee education
    through Herrmann Academy
  • Rewarding buiness model with competitive benefits
  • A respect for people, process and the planet
Required skills
  • High school PLTW course work
  • Mechanical and electrical aptitude
  • Eager to learn the manufacturing skills
  • You must be accepted into the applicable college program,
    via a college placement exam