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Don’t miss out and register now for our AUTOMOTIVE Technology Day in Bartlett, IL!


In the manufacturing of vehicles, plastic materials have gained heightened importance. The requirements for plastic components with respect to visual appearance, geometry, function and material properties have become increasingly demanding. Ultrasonic welding could be the answer to your challenging applications!


We will host nine top-quality workshops providing detailed, in-depth, expert information focusing on ultrasonic welding technology for the AUTOMOTIVE industry:


Workshop 01: Integration of ultrasonics.
Successfully cut your build time in half. Demonstrating simple solutions for integrating ultrasonic technology into your production process.


Workshop 02: Fascia punching and bracket welding.
Knock it out of the park. The latest in ultrasonic welding technology and demonstration of ultrasonic tooling used on A surface material in combination with automation.


Workshop 03: Compression staking.
Revolutionary approach to improve your staking process. New design technique for stronger staking posts. An existing application reinvented.


Workshop 04: Membranes.
Attach them to housings smarter and faster. Effective solutions on how to embed dissimilar materials using ultrasonics.


Workshop 05: Weld quality.
Looking through a different lens with IR technology. Impressive findings and evaluation of ultrasonic welding using IR technology, making it visible for the user.


Workshop 06: Laminate and emboss.
Achieve an optimum look and feel of car seat covers. New and successful solution for laminating and embossing advanced fabrics using a continuous ultrasonic process.


Workshop 07: Collaborative ultrasonics.
Get your robot to play nice with ultrasonics. Showing the ease of integrating ultrasonic welding components on robots (end of arm solutions).

Guest speaker: Tom McElligott, Account Manager


Workshop 08: Filters and lamination.
Eliminate pin holes and allow unrestrictive air flow. Demonstrating continuous welding of filtration material and achieving the highest level of precision.


Workshop 09: Composite material bonding.
Improve your application with continuous ultrasonics. Brand-new development of a cutting-edge technology to ultrasonically bond fibre reinforced thermoplastic products.


Benefit from interesting discussions with our experts and experience Hermann Ultrasonics technologies up close!


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When you attend our AUTOMOTIVE Technology Day on October 12, 2017, you will be automatically entered for the chance to win a new CompactPRO thermal camera for your iPhone or Android phone.

Don’t miss out! All workshops are complimentary.‎ First come first serve. The number of participants is limited.