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On October 12, 2017 we held our 1st AUTOMOTIVE Technology Day, which proved to be both thought-provoking and engaging.


Throughout the day, we offered nine top-quality workshops and provided detailed and in-depth expert information, focusing on ultrasonic welding technology for the AUTOMOTIVE industry, i.e.:


Integration of ultrasonics. Successfully cut your build time in half. Simple solutions for integrating ultrasonic technology into your production process were demonstrated.


Fascia punching and bracket welding. Knock it out of the park. The latest in ultrasonic welding technology was discussed and ultrasonic tooling used on A surface material in combination with automation was demonstrated.


Collaborative ultrasonics. Get your robot to play nice with ultrasonics. The ease of integrating ultrasonic welding components on robots (end of arm solutions) was demonstrated live.


The attendees benefited from hands-on activities during the individual workshops. The success of the event can be measured by the many compelling conversations and the exchange of ideas resulting from the day.


When participants understand our ultrasonic technology, it enables us to provide efficient solutions. We look forward to working on various applications for the AUTOMOTIVE industry!