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[Translate to EN-US:] Sonotrode Cooling Sleeve

Using a uniquely designed sonotrode sleeve, Herrmann Ultrasonics has developed a method to guide compressed air through a sleeve keeping sontorode temperatures low. This forced cooling method can decrease sonotrode relative temperatures by as much as 79% and stake cooling times by as much as 23% percent. Installations in the automotive markets proved successful; more branches to follow.


Longer cycle times, frequency errors and an inability to scan due to high sonotrode temperatures can be experienced when using natural convection. Typically, internal cooling and other less sophisticated methods, utilizing holes in the sonotrode are used to combat this but lead to cumbersome design and manufacturing of the tools. Often, internal and improper cooling leads to higher air costs and increased risk of breaking the sonotrode.


The sonotrode cooling sleeve is four to five times more effective at cooling the sonotrode and maintaining cooler surface temperatures.


The benefits of the sleeve are:

- Reduced sonotrode temperature which allows for increased production speed (reduced stake cooling time)

- Tight fit to sonotrode allowing for the sleeve to fit in hard-to-reach staking locations

- Improves process stability by managing sonotrode temperature

- Protects against convertor damage from overheating

- Manages air more efficiently than an aimed tube