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Juergen Pfrommer celebrates 40 years at Herrmann Ultraschall

Service technician Jürgen Pfrommer has been awarded for 40 years of service at Herrmann Ultraschall. Walter Herrmann, founder and owner of Herrmann Ultraschall, congratulated together with the mayor of Karlsbad, Rudi Knodel.

In addition the state of Baden-Württemberg presented Jürgen Pfrommer with a certificate of honor for such extraordinary loyalty. Jürgen Pfrommer described a special togetherness as the company grew and a great working atmosphere: even his son had commented positively on this at his recent marketing internship at Herrmann Ultraschall. He also stated that the values of Walter Herrmann had shaped the company from the beginning. The three W's were always the focus. Upon returning from service calls Walter Herrmann used to always ask: What was it? Why did it happen? What can we do better?