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Lab calender

The old calender for nonwovens and other web material so far provided speeds of up to 500 m/min. This was not sufficient anymore for the complete simulation of the production environment and for running feasibility tests, especially in the production of diapers.

More speed and new features save consulting time and money.
The upgraded version of the laboratory machine now reaches speeds of up 800 m/min and can process materials with widths of up to 500 mm.  Flexible and very thin materials can be better controlled and guided by means of a new web guide system.

"With our brand new quick exchange system for the ultrasonic stations we can experiment with different technologies - static or rotating - in one single day. Consequently our customers will save time and money", stresses Armin Geiger, laboratory manager nonwovens. In addition, new documentation and analysis tools are available that can graphically monitor all relevant parameters of the process. The new testing device can be used for a variety of products including hygienic products like diapers and sanitary napkins, roofing applications like roof linings and filter media like vacuum cleaner bags and drainage filters.
Hygienic applications demand the highest production speeds and are the most important part of the company's portfolio. Ultrasonic technology can be used to laminate and emboss web materials - mostly in continuous applications. A contoured drum serves as anvil. Almost any design can be realized on the drum.

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