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Packaging protects and ensures product quality. Food, in particular, requires the highest standards when it comes to the properties and functions of packaging – innovative packaging solutions are needed. Find out how our ultrasonic sealing technology provides customized options for the secure sealing of food packaging.

We cordially invite you to attend our PACKAGING Technology Day on April 12, 2018 at our facility in Bartlett, IL.

We will host nine top-quality workshops providing detailed, in-depth, expert information focusing on ultrasonic sealing technology for the PACKAGING industry:

Understand the impact of ultrasonic sealing on laminated films, enabling you to maintain attractive packaging.
Guest speaker: Bemis

Find out how ultrasonic welding works. Let us excite your process with cutting edge technology.

Stand Up Pouch.
Pet food and beverage markets have had great success with hermetic seals. Learn how SUP has changed the industry.


Vertical Form Fill Seal.
“Lettuce” show you how to seal through contamination and eliminate leakers. Crucial in the salad industry.

Stop and smell the coffee capsule. Learn the ins and outs of assembling capsules utilizing ultrasonics.

Food Cutting.
Witness a faster and cleaner way to cut that reduces waste, improves your product and productivity.


Ultrasonic Engineering.
Learn more about our continuous support during every phase of a project. Consulting, TCO analysis and much more.

Total Solution.

Integration made simple. Easily and effectively grasp how to incorporate ultrasonics into your production machine.

Benefit from interesting discussions with our experts and experience Hermann Ultrasonics technologies up close!

Register by April 5, 2018 by simply sending the completed registration flyer to:

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