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The company AfB social&green IT has been combining this approach for 15 years by recycling decommissioned IT hardware, offering a certified solution for sustainable remarketing and data destruction. 380 employees currently work for the non-profit company, 47% of them with disabilities.

Conserving resources and managing sustainably is also Herrmann's claim and the foundation to our sustainability project within the framework of the WINCharta.

Our certificate also confirms our commitment in figures:

  • The savings in resources and emissions amount to the equivalent of:
    > 25,965 kg Iron equivalent > 63,574 kWh Energy > 20,423 kg CO2 equivalents

  • Herrmann Ultraschall handed over 1,057 IT devices to AfB – mainly mobile phones, notebooks and flat screens
  • Through the number and quality of the equipment,  we have taken over the sponsorship for 1 workplace for a person with disabilities

Alexander Schwander of AfB social&green IT visited Herrmann Ultraschall to present the certificate of social-ecological commitment. For seven years, AfB has been salvaging electronic devices that have been taken out of service. Most of the decommissioned hardware was still fully functional, almost 70% was re-marketed. Devices that are not worth reprocessing are properly recycled, but the majority, so to speak are given a "breathe of new life" and are resold in AfB's own stores or online.

For all Herrmann employees there is an enticing  offer when buying a laptop, computer, monitor, etc. from AfB, By indicating the partner code, a 15% discount and a guarantee of up to 3 years’ service life are granted on all devices.

We gladly support AfB’s mission ... ”to strengthen the public perception for inclusion and refurbished IT” and would also like to inspire more local companies, our customers, and suppliers to embrace the concept.

Many thanks, Mr. Schwander, for your visit and the interesting insights into your projects.