• Internet of Things' – a hot topic at K-fair

    Herrmann Ultrasonics at K-fair 2016 - interview with Udo Skarke

    The "Herrmannators" also do music

    Herrmann Ultrasonic employee band the "Herrmannators"

    VFFS Ultrasonic Cross Sealing

    Nonwovens laboratory in Chicago Headquarters

    Vertical Form Fill Seal VFFS with ultrasonics

    Ultrasonic Welding – Horizontal Form Fill Seal

    Food cutting with ultrasonics

    Ultrasonic Welding with functional integration

    Ultrasonic Welding with functional integration
  • Kountdown trade fair K2016

    Kountdown trade show K 2016 - fit for Industrie 4.0

    Herrmann Ultrasonics at MD&M West 2014

    Ultrasonic welding, bonding and sealing

    HiQ - The new machine generation

    New laboratory in Taicang (China)

    Indexed Quick Change Tooling

    VFFS Bag Cross Seal - PACKAGING

  • Ultrasonic bonding for PE back sheet

    DOW ultrasonic bonding for PE back sheet

    Herrmann Ultrasonics at PACK EXPO 2014

    Ultrasonic Dewatering required paper industrie

    Herrmann Ultrasonics Plastics Division

    Sealing through Contamination

    Preformed Pouch (SUP) with ultrasonic welding

    Ulltrasonic System with Laser Marker