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Our common bond

This is about working together based on our values and about our mission to apply these values in our daily work.

It’s about our WHY and an endless journey.

Our objective

We want to break new ground in order to get both customers and employees excited about our company. Herrmann should remain a future-proof company and attractive employer. Trusting cooperation based on values provides the foundation for us to focus very closely on our customers’ needs. Turning their success into our success secures our long-term future.


Our mission

Simon Sinek is an American journalist, author and speaker known for his bestseller “Start with Why”. He says: “Every company in the world knows what it’s doing. Most of them also know how to do it. But very few know WHY they are doing what they do.” Why does Herrmann exist? Why do we get up every morning and go to work? Why exactly are we doing this job? What’s the sense, the need, the conviction behind it?

The question why is a top priority for a company. It determines our motivation. It determines whether we enjoy coming to work and are motivated to get involved. The WHY is what binds us together. And it is the reason why our customers choose us!



This guiding principle, our WHY, was developed during a number of workshops. The HUG and HUI management groups were supported by the experienced coach Dr. Sebastian Reschke.

Our WHY expresses that we are not only interested in welding materials together, but also in creating a bond with all the people we come into contact with: Customers, employees and their families, suppliers, partners, our community – quite simply all interest groups related to our company.

Our why. Our values.

Culture Journey

An endless journey

The Culture Journey is not an event, not a marketing campaign, not a one-off workshop. The Culture Journey is the establishment and consolidation of our WHY in the company. It is rather an endless journey, a road trip without a defined end or destination. The Culture Journey is about establishing and consolidating the WHY and will accompany us in our daily life at Herrmann from now on. It is in a colleague’s greeting when we enter the Herrmann Campus in the morning. It is evident when we meet deadlines and arrive on time for meetings. It is expressed in the way we deal with problems and challenges.

The Herrmann Culture is an integral part of our daily work. We want all people who work at Her- rmann Ultraschall to have job security and to enjoy working together on something we are all passionate about. Stronger cooperation based on values improves the quality of life for everyone.