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Ultrasonic components

Ultrasonic Boosters

Boosters are acoustic tools that amplify and transmit vibrations from an ultrasonic transducer to the horn. The use of boosters in ultrasonic welding helps modulate the amplitude of the vibrations as well as offering a mechanical advantage. These components generally have a threaded attachment that connects to the converter, with a similar attachment connecting to the sonotrode. Which booster makes the most sense for your application(s) depends on requirements such as materials being welded, the frequency of the vibrations, and the size and shape of the sonotrode. The experts at Herrmann Ultrasonics have the expertise and knowledge necessary to ensure you find the equipment that is best suited for your particular requirements.

Ultrasonic Welding Machines

The ultrasonic welding process relies on mechanical vibrations to melt and join plastic components together. The most important equipment for this technique is the ultrasonic generator, the converter, the booster, and the sonotrode. The converter works to generate the vibrations, while the booster amplifies them to deliver the proper amount of energy to the plastic parts. The vibrations are directed by the sonotrode to the plastic/parts to weld them into place.

Boosters are rated according to the amount of gain they add to the vibrations produced by the converter. Some of the most common booster gains are 1:1, 1:5, 1:2, and 1:2.5. Choosing the proper gain is important for ensuring the ultrasonic welding process results in a strong bond between the components. Ultrasonic sonotrode boosters are available in a few different configurations. Titanium ultrasonic boosters are the industry standard and are used in a number of industrial processes. For enhanced durability, many manufacturers choose rigid-mount boosters, but flexible support rings are also available to suit other specifications.

For frequency values of 20, 30, and 35 kHz ultrasonic boosters with different gain ratios (transformation) are available. All ultrasonic boosters are made of high-quality titanium. Depending on the required demands, they are installed using rigid or flexible support rings.

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