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Ultrasonic Welding Systems & Modules

The production industry’s demand for complex and efficient automated welding systems is always growing. Combining expert knowledge in ultrasonics and a modern portfolio of products, Herrmann Ultrasonics leads the way when it comes to process-related implementation of ultrasonic welding systems. Our durable, reliable, and effective modules can be integrated into existing ultrasonic welding machines or configured as an entirely new upgrade to your production line.

Advantages of Herrmann ultrasonic welding systems

All weld systems in the HiQ modular, MPW (modular punch welding), VE SLIMLINE, and VE COMPACTLINE models are characterized by:

  • Proven technology for series production in an automation setting
  • Weld process controllers allow optimal weld results
  • Individually configurable to suit requirements
  • Robust and reliable in continuous operation
  • All-round application development consulting – APPLICATION ENGINEERING

Herrmann provides standard actuators, HiQ, and HiS modules that offer a high level of flexibility that can be easily adapted to individual customer requirements. The modular system offers extensive integration solutions for machine builders and the automation industry. Each ultrasonic welding system forms a functional unit, allowing ease of integration and start-up. We can also upgrade or repair your existing system with new ultrasonic welding components, so your existing machinery always functions properly.

Finding the right integration for your industry

For the FOODHYGIENEMEDICALBATTERY,  CONSUMER industries, Herrmann provides further application-specific ultrasonic plastic welding systems and modules. These modules can be attached to your current welding or sealing setups and are ideal for automated production lines and other applications. The majority of these are used for plastic welding systems. We offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, directional seals, customizations, power levels, and other options so you can find the ones that are right for you. Further product descriptions under packaging technology and continuous ultrasonics.