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Ultrasonic Sealing Technology And Testing

Here, we perform concrete evaluation of weld tasks and definition of the weld process. Feasibility is assessed and tested in the laboratory environment, based on the criteria below:

  • Description of the packaging type and packaging material structure
  • Definition of seal requirements and test methods
  • Test series and initial selection of the process frame
  • Evaluation of results in terms of potential seal contamination
  • Design of the machine configuration, including sonotrode, booster, anvil, fixture, and generator

The extensive expertise we have when it comes to ultrasonic sealing technology means we know how to help ensure your welds are being delivered at the highest quality. Our experts will work closely with you to test every aspect of your process, from the weldability of the materials to the finished product.

As the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic welding machines and systems, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. This means we have the capability to help solve your most difficult challenges in this arena. To learn more about our testing services or to discuss your project in more detail, get in touch with our representatives today.

Service Range

Application consulting

  • Basic tests for verification of weldability of materials
  • Consulting with regard to design of packaging types and selection of packaging materials
  • Concept consulting with regard to new packaging shapes and designs

Application optimization

  • Trials and tests in partnership with the customer
  • Determination of production process limits and optimization of weld tools
  • Validation of the test results by tensile tests, sealing tests using penetration substances and vacuum water bath, burst pressure tests, high-speed camera, microtome cuts, microscopy, thermography
  • Performance, documentation and evaluation of test series (DOE = design of experiments)

Weld process development

  • Preparation of weld concepts
  • Development and manufacturing of application-specific weld tools
  • Identification of the process frame

Design and configuration of application-specific test rigs

  • Near-production tool layout
  • Verification of drive concepts
  • Application-specific measuring instruments

Prototype production

Small series production for:

  • Quality control and consumer tests
  • Release by marketing division
  • Validation by the final customer