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[Translate to EN-US:] ULTRASPIN RSD 20-85

Herrmann Ultrasonics rotary solutions offer continuous ultrasonic bonding, with low material friction resistance and high continuous process speeds exceeding 2,000 ft/min (600m/min).
With the addition of the newly designed ULTRASPIN RSD 20-85, coupled with the closed loop MICROBOND Control System, it becomes an unbeatable rotary solution in bonding width.
Applications in hygiene products, such as fem-care, baby and adult diapers, will benefit from the implementation of the 3.3” (85mm) wide rotary ultrasonic solution.
The wide format solution can also improve machine efficiency, especially where multiple installations are needed to cover the width of this single 85mm solution.


Additional benefits:

  • Soft bonding of different materials
  • 3-D embossing with high loft
  • High welding strength
  • Elimination of consumables


The Herrmann Ultrasonics rotary portfolio offers a wide range of systems to match the application requirements. Rotary ultrasonic solutions are available in a variety of frequencies with a bonding range width from 6mm to 85mm.