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This modular MPW weld system with an operating frequency of 35 kHz can punch and seal simultaneously in one production step. This makes the use of expensive pre-cut membranes unnecessary. This production unit is especially suitable for the processing of membranes, which are welded into plastic components as pressure balancing elements (PBE). The MPW combines four automated single functions: punching of the membrane from the tape, fixing by vacuum and feeding, sealing with ultrasonics and further cycling of the tape. The product line can be flexibly integrated into automation lines or supplied as a manual work station.

Ultrasonic punching and sealing machine MPW BT - manual work station

The MPW BT variant is a manual work station at which the plastic components are manually loaded. The start is triggered with a two-hand start. 


  • Robust machine structure
  • Ergonomic workplace design
  • Good accessibility for changing rolls
  • Flexible setup

Ultrasonic punching and sealing systems MPW IS - integration variants

A variety of integration solutions is available to choose from for installation in automation systems. Flexible configuration for every individual installation situation.


  • Modular platform
  • Space-saving integration
  • Reliable in automation
  • Short cycle times


Weld process controller MPW control

The weld process software of the MPW series provides answers to the rationalization and quality requirements of the plastics industry. Process-oriented user guidance via an 8.4’’ touch screen offers an especially user-friendly human-machine interface, which allows intuitive navigation. Task-oriented menu content provides excellent usability. 


  • Process visualization 
  • Quality monitoring by tolerance monitoring
  • Vacuum monitoring
  • Additional software for gapless data recording

Individual machine and system additions

  • Individual equipment design
  • Adjustment and assembly system
  • Mounting solutions for operating monitor
  • Additional software packages for quality assurance
  • Fieldbus interfaces
  • Tape splice check
  • Machine workstation table (for BT variants)
  • ULTRACARE spare parts packages

Technical data tape applicator

Punch diameter 6 - 22 mm
Tape width 8 - 30 mm
Fixture core Ø tape applicator 3'' (73,5 mm)
Max. roll diameter 340 mm



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