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Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Please help us process material returns faster by filling in all fields and providing as much detail as possible for the reason of return. Be sure to enclose a copy of the completed form with your shipment.

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Sonotrodes are weld tools that are specifically developed and calculated for each application. In case of damage, a new sonotrode must be produced, tested, and documented, including all finishing processes. This requires time. If you have a spare sonotrode in stock, you can avoid expensive standstill times in production.

We provide a particularly interesting offer for our customers at very attractive terms if they order a spare sonotrode within the first three months upon delivery of their ultrasonic welding machine or their ultrasonic welding system.

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A special ULTRACARE spare parts package is available for every Herrmann product, i.e. machines or systems, at very good conditions. An ULTRACARE package may contain, for example a converter, a position measuring system, an HF cable and the compatible pneumatic package. Moreover, all other components of the machine or system are individually available as spare parts.

ULTRACARE is the future-oriented concept for your production safety, for ULTRACARE ensures:

  • Reduction of standstill time in case of damage
  • Increase in machine availability
  • 100% availability of spare and wear parts on site
  • Faster on-site service, spare parts logistics is not required
  • Use of Herrmann original spare parts

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Individual spare parts

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