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No matter what function they serve, you want to be certain that your Ultrasonic welding services and equipment can meet your specifications. That is why Herrmann Ultrasonics should be your first choice for Ultrasonic laboratory services. In our Ultrasonic labs, our engineers and technicians provide support for assessment, design, and optimization of the respective weld tasks.


As the recognized leaders in tools and expertise related to the Ultrasonic welding process, we can provide you with comprehensive support services to help maximize your setup. Our lab work for the Ultrasonic plastic welding process includes:


  • Consulting for joint design 
  • Pre-production prototype welding
  • Weld process parameter definition for verification of the required component properties 

Weldability of the materials is defined and the weld quality is made visible by means of the analysis options. The expertise obtained through the decades is documented in data bases and application reports and is always available upon request.


To learn more about what we can do and how it can help you optimize processes, get in touch today.