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Seal the deal with Herrmann Ultrasonics

As the packaging industry evolves and adapts to customers' changing needs, ultrasonic technology gives you an edge over the competition in packaging and sealing applications. Ultrasonic sealing is a highly efficient method providing consistent and repeatable hermetic seals while proving to be cost-effective and eco-friendly. Plus, it allows higher speeds, improved process stability, and a reduction of wastage compared to traditional sealing methods.

Get these advantages and seal the deal with your customers!

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Optimized packaging utilization

  • Up to 90% less headspace 
  • Hermetically sealed packages
  • Extended shelf life


Higher machine throughput

  • Sealing through contamination
  • Faster sealing process
  • Immediate machine startup

Enable sustainable materials

  • Innovative technology for circular economy
  • Consistent sealing of recyclable materials
  • More effective sealing of mono-materials


Increased process control

  • No warm-up or cool down necessary
  • Integrated sealing process control
  • Consistent sealing parameters


Reduced energy consumption

  • Short sealing process
  • Less rejects resulting in less wasted energy
  • Up to 75% reduction


Automatic quality feedback

  • Built-in quality control for each seal
  • Pouch identification feedback 
  • Automate labor-intensive tasks
  • Ready meals
  • Coffee capsules
  • Drinks and sauces
  • Wet pet food
  • Food cutting
  • Spouts and valves 
  • Zipper seal and crush 


As a specialist in ultrasonic sealing of packaging materials, Herrmann has been developing safe and efficient welding systems for over 60 years. With the services of Herrmann Engineering, more than 600 employees excite customers all over the world. The guiding principle "BONDING – MORE THAN MATERIALS" stands for a respectful and reliable collaboration. In this way, Herrmann ensures a sustainable and economical packaging process in the long term as a trusted advisor.

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